Vocational “Mini- MBA” Program

The AGMA TESOL Courseware
May 16, 2018
Vocational Master Certificate Program Courseware
May 17, 2018

Please enjoy this short video to understand how Practical Learning looks and feels in an AGMA session

The AGMA Vocational Mini-MBA Program  is  custom designed  as  program   which can  be  delivered  in   a  local  partner’s  AGMA  approved classroom. AGMA designs and releases these programs to licensed Schools and Training Organizations which are properly licensed and have agreed to follow all USA and International Laws including the FCPA.

The  basis  for  this program  is  active  learning   and  the  use of  activities, not  just a  boring  lecture.  The vocational “Mini-MBA” is NOT an academic program and it does not pretend to be.  It is practical courseware to be delivered overseas to licensed and quality schools and training organizations. It is for vocational business only.

AGMA also custom designs courseware for “Mini-MBA for Children”

These courses have been designed based Around the Following Modules:

  • Practical Legal Skills: Contracts, proposals and how to avoid problems in negotiation
  • Vocational Marketing and Selling Skills:  Salesmanship,  Marcom Creation and  Execution
  • Operations Management Skills: How to Fix a Factory or Other Operations.
  • International Business Skills: How to do Business with the USA.
  • Practical Accounting Skills with bookkeeping introduction for your business.
  • Business Intelligence and  Strategy: How discern  and use information for your decision making
  • Handling Collections and Accounts Receivable Management
  • Managing Cash Flow with Practical Financial Strategy and Tactics.

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